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THE ''DO'S'' & ''DON'TS''

Trade Shows are often an important component of a company’s overall marketing plan.  Since Trade Shows are relatively expensive, it is essential that all aspects of an upcoming show are understood and planned for accordingly. All participants must understand their roles and functions throughout if you are to maximize your overall experience.

Remember that a Trade Show is not only a venue for displaying a product or discussing your services.  It provides an opportunity for a company to learn more about a particular industry, attend pertinent seminars and develop new skills, learn more about your competition, find distribution partners, learn more about industry associations and media, and network with companies providing complimentary products and/or services.

K2 Business Solutions’ Trade Show Module is designed to make your overall trade show experience as cost effective as possible, while increasing your opportunity of success.

 Topics covered include:

  • Pre-show Planning
  • Booth Design and Functionality
  • Trade Show Professionalism and Proper Booth Behavior
  • Maximizing Your Company’s Exposure
  • Lead Qualification
  • Post-show Follow-up

  This module comes with a 100% Guarantee.