K2 Tips

When leaving someone a telephone message, always give your telephone
number last. This way you make it easy for the person to remember, and they do not have to review your message. This is very useful for someone who is calling from his/her car or when they do not have a pen available.

Time Management:  Whenever possible, ask people when they need something rather than promising them that they can have it “tomorrow”. 

We often tend to overload our plates by being too accommodating. By asking someone when they need something, they will often give you more time than you were going to take. This in turn will allow you to manage your tasks without putting extra pressure on yourself.

Meetings:  It is often good to have meetings at the end of the day, or on Friday afternoons. Since everyone wants to go home, people tend to be more focussed and less time is wasted.

Sales:  When going to a sales meeting, always plan on arriving 15-20 minutes early. 

This will compensate for unforeseen traffic and/or parking related problems, and it will provide you with the necessary time needed for you to mentally focus on your meeting objectives. 

Trade Show: If you are planning on exhibiting at a trade show, it is a good idea to paint your crates a unique color. If your crates do not arrive in your booth, they will be a lot easier to identify. This will help you avoid untimely delays in setting up your booth.