Foodservice (Restaurants & Retail Outlets)
Meal Solutions/Prepared Foods

For most people, “time” has become a precious commodity. The concept of “cooking” has slowly become a lost art.   Most people tend to either assemble previously prepared components, buy prepared foods or go out all together.

As VP Sales & Corporate Development for Hardt Equipment, Mitch Kastner had the opportunity to work with North American leaders in “Meal Solutions”.  Experiences with Boston Market, Kenny Rogers Roasters, KFC, McDonald’s Hearth Express, and the who’s who of North American Supermarkets and Wholesale Clubs, have brought a wealth of Meal Solutions/Prepared Foods experience to K2 Business Solutions. 

Areas of focus include:

  • The Importance of Merchandising and Presentation
  • Menu Development
  • Food Preparation
  • Managing “Shrink”
  • Customer Loyalty Programs
  • Food & Equipment Sourcing

In 1999, at the HMR Summit in Atlanta, Mitch Kastner was a keynote speaker. His topic, “Bringing the Market Back into the Supermarket: The Top 12 Elements of a Successful Prepared Foods Program”,  was well received by an international audience.

Meal Solutions/Prepared Foods
Equipment & Food Sourcing
Franchise Planning